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Ziv Katzir

PhD candidate at BGU, former CTO of Verint Systems Cyber division
Ziv Katzir
Lecturer at Adversarial Learning course
Ziv assumed key technological positions in the industry, finally serving as Verint Systems’ Cyber Intelligence division CTO. Currently he is working on his PhD.
The former CTO of Verint Systems’ cyber intelligence division, a division responsible for roughly 400M$ in yearly revenue. Leading, research, innovation, and the division’s technology roadmap. Ziv is a versatile technologist and a dynamic R&D manager. A domain expert for analytics, machine learning, big data and communication networks, and an organizational catalyst, with a holistic business view.
At present, Ziv is completing a Ph.D. as part of the Software and Information Systems Engineering department at the Ben Gurion University, studying the domain of Adversarial Machine Learning. Ziv brings a record of more than 15 years of experience, and over 12 publications and patents.