Yandex School of Data Analysis Conference

The Yandex School of Data Analysis conference is an international conference organized by the School in collaboration with Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe and Russia’s leading search provider.
This conference is a unique platform that brings together the latest achievements in theoretical research and practical applications of current innovations in business.
The first YSDA conference showcased the developments of and results in machine learning and very large data sets and took place in Moscow in 2013. Read about the conference and watch videos of keynote speakers to learn more.
The second YSDA conference focused on prospects in and applications of machine learning across multiple areas of human activity and took place in Berlin in 2015. Read about the conference and watch videos of keynote speakers to find out more.
‘Braverman’s Readings in Learning Theory and Related Areas’, is an event aimed at bringing for discussion the current state of affairs across some of the key research areas in data science, whose development was rooted in the work of Emmanuil Braverman, a pioneer researcher in machine learning and an outstanding scientist and engineer. Read about the conference here.
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